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“I’ve made more progress towards my fitness goals in these 4 short months than I have in the last 2 years. I’m in the best shape of my life and I have Andy to thank for it.

Andy authentically cares about your fitness goals and makes them his own. Having his accountability and guidance has made all the difference for me. I was someone who was working out 3-4 times a week, moderate-intensity, to the best of my ability while trying to “eat right”, but, I wasn’t making any real progress—I felt stuck. But after just 1 month of working with Andy, I could see changes in my physique, attitude, and energy. He wrote me a strategic plan to achieve my specific goals (athletic lean build & an explosive vertical) and also crafted an easy to follow, easy to make meal plan. Now 4 months into his program (December 2019), I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in any summer month, ever.

Andy’s authenticity, knowledge, and enthusiasm are so refreshing. I always feel amped after having a talk or call with him. He’s great at what he does and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone looking to become a stronger, leaner & more athletic version of themselves.”

Sunny Gosal
Ecommerce Coach @ Bushido Code





“The best part about having a coach is having a person to keep you on track. For 15 years, off and on, I tried to get in shape but oftentimes would get frustrated by not seeing progress or not being able to push through plateaus. And quite honestly, I had no idea what I was doing in the gym or with my nutrition.

When I met Andy, I had one goal: To be fit for a trip to Europe in July 2019.

I met Andy in March and I saw him twice per week until my trip in July. First, he taught me the fundamentals of how to lift heavy weights. Then we slowly introduced concepts of nutrition and the importance of tracking your macros. He also created a training plan for the days I’d train alone. But the most important things he taught me were to listen to my body (he always knew when to push and when to wait for that next PR) and to be consistent and patient (he kept me focused and didn’t allow me to change the plan every time I wasn’t seeing results as I expected).

Andy is not the drill sergeant trainer who you might think are the most effective. He is kind, empathetic, and compassionate. He also aims to understand your psychology as to know how to motivate you over time.

For the first time in my life, I felt confident to walk around in a speedo on the beach or to take my shirt off for a beach volleyball game. This confidence has also proven to me that I can translate hard work into other areas of my life.

I would recommend Andy for anyone looking to love their best fit life.”


I worked with Andy during my time as an Olympic Weightlifter and transitioning out of the sport.

He was extremely adaptive and flexible to make changes based on my body’s response during my competition prep blocks when I trained 2x a day for a few months. I didn’t understand how to fuel myself properly for a two-a-day format and definitely felt under-fed. He not only helped me make weight but I was able to feel as strong as I did during my training into each meet.

When I transitioned out of the sport, I wanted to make sure I was eating at maintenance while focusing on keeping as much of my muscle mass as possible without gaining too much extra fat.

The habits and routines I was able to form during my time with him I still follow to this day and built an amazing relationship with food I didn’t think was possible for myself.

Thanks again for everything Taiters. You’re an absolute legend.


During the pandemic, I developed many unhealthy habits and saw my weight dramatically increase. I urgently needed someone to help me re-build healthy habits and keep me accountable. That’s when I connected with Andy!

Andy’s approach is flexible and fits my lifestyle. During weeks when things were going smoothly, Andy was a sounding board and my cheerleader. During weeks when I was struggling, Andy was available to support and nudge me in the right direction. His scientific, no-nonsense advice is focused on helping me re-think my relationship with food and activity for the long term.

Here’s a quote I saved from one of our weekly check-ins: “Super happy! Honestly, tracking and accountability make all the difference. I have a mini-Andy in my conscious now. “

During my time working with Andy, I’ve hit so many milestones that I’m proud of: dropped 30+ lbs, needed a wardrobe change (went from size 38” pants and XXL t-shirts to 34” pants and L t-shirts), did my first 10km run (then did many more), and completed a sprint triathlon for the first time (with more on the horizon).

I can’t recommend Andy enough!



“In October 2020, without really knowing what I’m getting into, I messaged Coach Andy. There was no denying that I needed help. Fall of 2020 was not being kind to me, with all the anxiety brought by the pandemic, and personal issues that led me to not being mindful of my weight. At that time, I was over 15 lbs from my average weight a couple of years back. Coach Andy did not waste any time. He understood me, what I was growing through and together we took it one day at a time. What I really really liked about my relationship with Coach is that it was a transformation that we, both of us, went through as a team. After a while I realized that mental health is as important as physical health – and Coach made sure I’m doing fine in both areas. For the 5 months I was with Coach, I’ve lost 10 lbs in a very sustainable, non-drastic approach. And even after finishing his program, I hope to continue in at least sustaining if not further improving from where I am now. His program is very sustainable, and easy to follow – not to mention flexible. I certainly recommend it for anyone who needs a bit of help to consult with Coach. You deserve it!”


“Andy helped me make weight to compete in the 59kg weight class in the Canadian Senior National Championships for weightlifting. It was a very successful competition for me; I hit a lifetime PR total and got a bronze medal! Andy played a huge part in my success by making the weight cut so easy. I was in a fairly small calorie deficit which allowed me to perform at a high level in training and feel satiated. I found Andy’s videos, spreadsheets, and check-ins really easy to follow and he was always available to answer questions. I would definitely recommend working with Andy!”


Andy was a great nutrition coach. I worked with him from March to June. 

After the Covid shut down, I had gained weight that I had previously lost due to struggling with mental health over the pandemic. I had brought my weight down on my own, successfully, before, but felt like a failure after gaining it back. After a few attempts at losing weight, I would often have trouble keeping it off. As well as losing weight while maintaining strength was important to me, as I compete in powerlifting, a strength-based sport that heavily relies on bodyweight to strength ratio. 

Andy’s communication and check-ins were great. Every week I’d get a video reviewing progress and trends. Having a set of unbiased eyes was a great resource, and he had helped me on multiple occasions look at my weight fluctuations more rationally. Finding patterns in eating habits and stress-related weight volatility, as well as setting step goals helped ground me and keep me on track for a successful cut and maintenance phase. His approach to my personal needs in terms of coaching style was spot on, and I appreciated and looked forward to feedback (even when I was having a rough week!)

Highly suggest working with Andy as a Nutrition coach.


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“I worked with Andy over the past 3 months with a goal of gaining muscle and increasing strength while remaining lean. I’ve been regularly exercising for years, doing things like Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and martial arts without any specific goals or objectives in both my training regimen and nutrition, which showed in my results. While I was relatively fit, I was constantly hitting plateaus in my strength and my weight would fluctuate with my lack of disciplined eating. Andy started me on a 5 day / week training program that emphasized progressive overload, which really pushed me to bring my best every day at the gym. He also put me on a nutrition plan with a goal of placing me at a slight caloric surplus with a specific macronutrient split to help ensure I was building lean muscle mass.

Beyond the program, Andy is an affable, knowledgeable, and fun trainer to work with. Andy was constantly hyping me up and reminding me of my progress, which kept me exceptionally motivated throughout the whole program. Andy was also keen to regularly follow-up with me to assess how I was feeling in order to adjust my training and nutrition going forward to optimize my results. I’m personally a big fan of Andy’s style of giving me a structured plan to keep me accountable, but also encouraging me to listen to my body and taking training de-loads or eating more when I needed it, which ultimately added to keeping me motivated.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my results from working with Andy given that I’ve remained relatively lean, while at the same time building strength, as per my results below.

Week 1
5 feet 10 inches, 157 lbs
Max bench press: 210 lbs
Max deadlift: 300 lbs
Max back squat: 250 lbs

Week 12
5 feet 10 inches, 162 lbs
Max bench press: 235 lbs
Max deadlift: 320 lbs
Max back squat: 285 lbs

I couldn’t recommend Andy enough! Thank you for helping me develop so much strength in such a short amount of time!”


Client clean olympic weightlifting heavy.jpg

“I honestly can’t say enough positive things about Andy and his coaching! I came to him with the goal of improving my overall gymnastics skills and stamina, in which he designed a plan specific to me and my current level of fitness. Aside from being just a super humble, funny, out-going gent, I really loved the way Andy was able to adjust my sets and reps according to my unique abilities, and provide support with challenging movements or progressions. Over my time working with Andy I’ve seen drastic improvements in ALL of my gymnastic skills! I can say with confidence that Andy has provided me with the necessary tools to continue to work on all aspects of my gymnastics movements even though I am now living in a completely different city. This goes to show that as long as you’re willing to put the work in, Andy Tait’s programs are founded on expertise and solid communication. Andy – you’re the best!!”


Client at Crossfit competition.JPG

“I have had Andy coaching me for the last 3 years. He is not only a great coach but also takes the time to get to know his clients and their goals and tailors workouts to the individual. He makes you feel comfortable while still having fun and always leaving feeling like I worked as hard as I could have. His dedication to me as a client has allowed me to reach my goals and keeps me coming back for more.”


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”Taiters (Andy), has been coaching me for the last 3 years. In that time I’ve noticed a great shift in my strength and technique, allowing me to achieve many personal goals. He has been a pillar in building my confidence with a barbell and tricky movements such as linked toes to bar. Patience is second nature for this man and he’ll without a doubt bring the energy and funny jokes… If you hang around him long enough, you’re guaranteed to pick up some Andy’isms.”


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“I have had Andy coaching me for the last 3 years. He is not only a great coach but also takes the time to get to know his clients and their goals and tailors workouts to the individual. He makes you feel comfortable while still having fun and always leaving feeling like I worked as hard as I could have. His dedication to me as a client has allowed me to reach my goals and keeps me coming back for more.”



“I had been going to the gym for 3 years before I started working with Andy and constantly felt frustrated with plateauing. Since starting with Andy I have increased my back squat by 100lbs and achieved both bar and ring muscle ups. Andy had made the training journey enjoyable and I always look forward to going to the gym to train with him. His individual plan for me helped increase my strength and develop better technique for complex lifts. As someone who can get frustrated he always helps me understand the bigger picture and highlights the successes I have had. Working with Andy has been the best decision for my fitness and my mentality regarding exercise!”



“I’ve been working with Andy for a year and a half, and it’s been great. When I first came to Andy I was dealing long term back issues, but still wanting to get stronger and lift weights. Andy’s always created well thought out, challenging yet achievable work outs. Over the last year and a half my back issues have resolved and I’m able to really increase my work outs. He’s been through every stage, tweaking my programs and listening to feedback.  I am never bored and love the programs. Throughout the last 18 months I have seen so much progress and I look forward to the future.”


Alex and I.jpeg

“Working with Andy has been such a pleasure! I’ve always had a good level of fitness but came to him hoping to hone my olympic weightlifting skills. Through our sessions we’ve focused on exacting technique and good functional movement and I’ve seen significant increases in my strength and form. Andy also gave me great coaching and tailored my program when I was training with an injury. His expertise are high, he’s a great listener and I look forward to each of my sessions!”

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